Life Story (1974)

I left my singing group harmony because I started writing songs and wanted to sing them as opposed to doing cover versions, and began auditioning at talent contests by performing my songs.

One of the contests I auditioned for was Ready Steady Folk, organized by Rediffusion Singapore, and the person who auditioned me was the legendary Vernon Cornelius, who used to front 60s guitar band, The Quests. He heard me, liked my stuff and immediately offered me a guest artist spot, appearing every week during the heats, semi-finals and finals so that I could get more exposure. This led to performing Fried Rice Paradise at the finals where one of the judges offered me a recording deal.

The album was recorded at the newest, most fabulous studio in town, Kinitex Studios and was eventually released by Philips. The title track had a revival in the mid-nineties when it was used for an award-winning television commercial, and Fried Rice Paradise, banned from airplay on government owned radio for unknown reasons, was well-supported by Rediffusion and became a hit. The song is one of my most well-known, and I even turned it into a musical in 1992.