Life in the Lion CIty (1984)

On my return from my studies, my mentor Jimmy Wee of WEA Music asked me to work on a couple of projects. First with Chris Ho on his album Regal Vigor, and then to produce Jacintha's debut album, Silence.

My own album followed soon after, and I decided to infuse my songs with a Singaporean flavour, although I still did not know what that was. The most representative result was Flower Drum Song, in which I used the refrain from the famous Chinese folk song.

I also tried my hand at fusion by using Chinese instruments in that and some other tunes. The best result of this album was that it led to a TV special being made which featured most of the songs. It was produced by Lim Sek who later became my partner when we set up Music & Movement to initially manage my career when I went full-time.